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Coffee Cup Friends is Closing its Doors

Posted by Cinda On January - 31 - 2018ADD COMMENTS

reflectionIt’s been an awesome run for Coffee Cup Friends but we’re no longer going to be online (or, at least, as you’ve known it) in the very near future. So, if there are any articles or links you want to keep in your personal files, now is the time to copy and save them. Soon, they might not be here.

We have certainly valued the friendships we’ve made along the way.  And, we wish you God’s absolute best as you continue to seek Him in every area of your life. Finally, don’t forget to celebrate the timeless joys of friendship and tell others about the everlasting love of Jesus Christ.

Thank you!

In His love and ours,

Cinda and the CCF team

We Appreciate Prayers

Posted by Cinda On June - 12 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

Black Forest Fire 2013 JuneIt’s that time of year when we see outbreaks of fires around the country due to drought conditions and for other reasons. We have three major fires in Colorado right now, the largest is the Black Forest Fire north of Colorado Springs. As I write this, the winds are blowing strong (and change direction at whim) and the fires are moving quickly. So far, there have been 80 to 100 (and maybe more) homes that have been destroyed and is possibly moving toward more populated areas. And, worse, there is zero containment after two days. The news said the conditions will be even worse tomorrow.

Personally, we have family in line of the approaching fire that may have to evacuate soon, plus Janet (CCF) and a friend close to CCF (whom we heard just evacuated) live just south of the fire zones. This is a very fragile situation as we see one after another homes go up in flames on the news. The skies are becoming more and more dim and the smoke has drifted all the way up here to Denver, making breathing difficult for many.

We know God is in control and many of those evacuated acknowledge this, putting their trust in Him.  Romans 8:28 Thanks for your prayers!

Update 6/14/13: It appears that 400 homes, to date, were completely destroyed and 12 partially. Two people perished trying to load their car but couldn’t escape the flames, and the loss in acreage is high. However, many who lost everything recognize the value of human life and say they can rebuild. And, many of the animals that they thought were lost or perished in the fire, have been found, which brings much joy and comfort to their owners. They are a community that is trusting in God’s sovereignty.

NOTE: Very soon, we will bring back our articles on preparing for any disaster (on our original CCF webpage) plus updated information. We need to be ready for the days to come! Trust the Word of God — THEY ARE COMING! And, no one is exempt.

Picture: Black Forest Fire, June 2013

Our Prayers for Families

Posted by Cinda On April - 19 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

The tragedy continues in our country and our prayers are with the victims, family, and friends of those who were killed or injured in Massachusetts. The physical and emotional results will never completely fade away, but we pray that God would wrap His compassionate arms around every person affected and His hand of healing on those who bear wounds. We also pray that there will be peaceful closure in the police manhunt and no more lives lost.  – Coffee Cup Friends team

Aging With Grace

Posted by Cinda On January - 6 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

movieclapboardMy husband and I went to see the movie, “Wall Street”, when it first came out. It was an interesting movie and, for the most part, we really liked it. There was one phrase in it I still remember to this day and it’s something to ponder … (not necessarily verbatim) “Growing old is not for sissies.” How true when you really think about it! It’s NOT EASY getting older. There are always new challenges, new problems, new adjustments, and only by the grace of God can any of us meet each one head on! When you think about it, the steps we take now (right eating, exercise, etc.) while still young will have a huge impact on how healthy we are when older. No matter how old you are, keep moving! Eat healthy! And, put God first in all things!

A Prayer of Gratitude

Posted by Cinda On June - 6 - 2005ADD COMMENTS

bible&coffeecup“Father God, it’s my prayer that all who read this will be transformed by Your Spirit and encouraged to live a more balanced, joy-filled life; one that truly honors and glorifies You. I pray that all of us (me included) will be challenged to live beyond mediocrity and learn the fullness of Mark 12:30-31 in our lives.  And, I pray that as we journey together, others will want to join us, too, and discover the abundant life that Christ promises to all who put their faith and trust in Him. John 10:9-10

So Lord, I lift up this website, and its sister website, Mrs. Prep before Your Throne and humbly ask that you not only bless them, but work through them with Your immeasurable power to reach countless numbers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please equip our readers with the practical tools to live a life of simplicity and purpose and may all who grace our doorstep grow in knowledge and understanding of the Truth of Your Word and bask in the light of Your love.

I pray, Father, that you will empower and enable me to do the work you have laid out before me and wrap a hedge of protection around me, my family, our CCF team, and all who visit these two websites, those who seek Your face and the Truth of Your Word. And, may those of us who desire a more balanced, enriched life in Christ, know your incredible blessings, each in accordance to his or her surrender to Your Lordship. Then, like a skipping rock on the surface of still water, may others (our families, community, and the world beyond) know You, too.

Finally, but not lastly, I pray the message(s) shared within these two websites be ordained by You to go forth and “not return void”. May they go out and transform countless lives. Isaiah 55:11 And, may they accomplish what You intend for them to accomplish. I pray that all we do and all that we say will always honor You and be to Your glory!  In the name of our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen!”

Footnote: I would like to give a shout-out to my son, Richard, who was instrumental in putting these three websites together and continues to be a tremendous help and encouragement in my life. I pray God will continue to bless him beyond measure. Thanks, Richard! I love you!