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Posted by Cinda On February - 26 - 2013

Peg 2013Recently I had the incredible opportunity to break my cabin fever, a syndrome which comes to those who experience too much winter. I was invited to stay with my daughter “down south”. Well, it was only 300 miles south, but I was headed in the right direction for some rest and restoration.

Since I knew I would not be going out of her apartment alone, the days would seem long, so I planned accordingly with tons of stuff to fill the gaps. You know the expectancy of finishing the latest issue of your favorite magazine before the next one arrives. Well, it was with that sort of urgency I started day number one.

However, last minute instructions on how to use the appliances, or dimmer switch concluded with “…and oh, if you can, would you try to get this jewelry untangled?” I looked down on the countertop and there in a heap was something that resembled an ornament of some sort. The mass was so intertwined; I couldn’t tell how many complete sets there were.   As I pondered my assignment, and the overall purpose of life itself, I wondered if this was really the way I wanted to spend my life. However, hoping to accomplish at least one thing beneficial for my gracious host, I got serious.

There was some semblance of beauty in it, but how could I, who was legally blind ever straighten it out? I turned on some quiet music, grabbed a near-by precision instrument known as a bobby pin and prayed to the God of the impossible to help me pull off something I knew full well would never succeed without His help.

As I gazed intently on every strand that I released from captivity, I began to feel something transpiring deep within me.  It was as though God was going to show me something. I began to pray, “Lord, how like Your body, the Church… then I corrected myself and said, “Lord, forget that, how like me! I’ve listened to this, that and other’s words and some of them have twisted my thinking, taking me away from Your path. I’m among a conglomeration of beads, bangles, crystals and even diamonds, but I’ve become useless. I’ve lost Your purpose for my life. Straighten me out, Lord, untangle the pieces, loop me through here and pull me through there until I once again drape as a thing of beauty in her proper place, forever bringing You glory.”

jewelry_untangledOh, the joy, the surety that came as each strand of jewels fell into its rightful place to display its original beauty. I knew the Lord had heard my prayer and at the beginning of this dedicated week, He would untangle me as well. What a satisfaction to be able to present the finished product to my daughter. I thought of a day that is coming when the Bridegroom will present His bride to His father. All “strands” will be hanging in place, fit for the Master’s use. I wanted to be ready.

“You will also be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.”  (Isaiah 62:3)

Author: Peg / CCF Contributor
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