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Reality Regained

Posted by Cinda On March - 10 - 2013

This morning, while sitting on my patio in northern Minnesota and greatly enjoying the sounds of a variety of fowled friends at the bird feeder, I was crying out before the LORD.  My intense prayer time was shrouded with the ominous times we find ourselves in; my lack of knowledge that loved ones have a saving relationship with Jesus; the concern that God would yet have mercy upon our nation and cause the righteous to rule so that the people might once again rejoice. The tears were plentiful.

geese3Suddenly, a very soft sound arose from the southern sky. I sat spellbound with my head in my hands, sobbing, yet quietly straining to identify the noise. Forever more! It was a flock of geese flying north. Why anything would want to go further north was beyond my comprehension, but it was undeniable. Geese have a certain, clarion call that identifies them, long before they become visible.

I ran over to an open spot under the trees trying to catch a glimpse of them in the heavens. Their honk grew louder and they seemed right above me, but because I am legally blind, I could only rely upon my memory. I recalled their “V” formation – leader out in front, working hard, creating wind drafts for the rest of them and then they would trade off and someone else would take the lead. I went back to my prayer chair to just sit and soak up the beauty of the moment. It was one of those times when the Creator of the universe seemed so near.

In that flash of reality and with a heart overflowing with gratitude, I knew that the One who gave these fowled friends their instinct to go north at the same time every year and then again (with greater intelligence, I might add), to go south at the proper time, was also more than competent to handle my requests. If He can order the geese when to relocate, is anything too difficult for Him? What a sweet release swept over me. Like the flapping wings of those fowled friends, my prayer had taken wings and a sweet peace swept over me. With a childlike simple trust, my burdens had been released by this timely object lesson from my Heavenly Father’s hand.

gooseWhether it is the welfare of a nation, or the welfare of a single child, I know He is able to perfect (bring to completion) that which concerns me today. Halleluiah! What a Savior!

Author: Peg / CCF Contributor / All Rights Reserved

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