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Father to the Fatherless

Posted by Cinda On March - 10 - 2013

Father_and_Daughter“Father wounds” are very painful and they can take a very long time to heal. We have been airing a program on our radio station that has naturally, because of upcoming Father’s Day, made father the focus. Rightfully so! One day a year we can honor the man (in some of our lives) that served to be that marvelous example of love, provision, admiration and respect. As I said, in some of our lives. I think it is truly wonderful when people speak of their fathers with the utmost of respect and admiration. But on the other hand, there have been too many poor examples of that fatherhood role exhibited by those who claim the title of Father, Dad, Pop, Papa, etc.

I don’t mean to sound sarcastic about this, I really don’t, I am however standing for those of us who either had poor examples of fatherhood inflicted upon us or didn’t have a father at all such as myself. Now listening to the gentleman on our program give the most illustrious talk about the man he looked up to and admired with the utmost of respect, his father, made me long for that missing link in my life. I really cried to think that there can be an earthly man that fills that mold of ‘father’ so wonderfully as the speaker’s father did. Wow! The respect and admiration was more than evident as he shared of losing his father and spending those last days with his hero.

Okay, you are thinking what is this girl’s problem that she can’t be thrilled for a shining example of an earthly father. Really, I do think it is wonderful but my heart is empty for the father that I never had. I always heard what a wonderful man he was but funny, that wonderful man couldn’t take care of my mother and me. I was always told he was such a pioneer type, rugged and fun-loving, but I have only seen pictures of me with him as a one-year old. I understand he came from a family of good fortune but mom went to work to support us because that great guy that my father was couldn’t hold a job. When I wrote an aunt to see if she had anything wonderful to share about my father she told me he was a disgrace to her family and poor excuse for a human being. Argh, there was no love lost there! Needless to say, my image of this wonderful man was somewhat skewed and the whole scenario of fatherhood seemed quite a mystery to a little girl who remained curious and longing for what she thought others had and she had not.

sadness02It took many years of very difficult circumstances to realize that I was looking for ‘love’ (father love) but that I was going at it all backwards. At the age of forty-two my life took a ‘right’ turn by realizing that I had a root of bitterness I wasn’t even aware of that had settled itself deep in my heart. It was twelve years earlier that I had opened myself to the gift of salvation and received Jesus Christ into my heart. But that didn’t make my life ‘happy.’ A series of circumstances brought about by my pride, dysfunction and strong will found me miserable and ready to give it all up. It is rather remarkable to think that God had a different plan. And part of this journey was acknowledging that the pain in my heart was (for the most part) due to anger toward a man I never even knew. Quite an amazing thing to think about how someone you never knew could have such an impact on your life, but he really did. It was in large part because of the Freedom in Christ ministry that I was able to release that bitterness and begin to see that I have a perfect Father now. I still have twinges of longing for “God with flesh” like when you want a great big hug from arms that can just pull you in and hold you so you can snuggle your head into his chest and feel the comfort of all comforts. For now that can’t be, but someday, I am going to run to my Abba Father, my Daddy and He is going to embrace me and never let me go.

brokenheartI am longing for that day! And friend, if you have that emptiness in your heart, that hole that just runs on empty because there was no father love to fill it up, I have an answer for you. Will you let the Father of all fathers begin to fill the hole with love that will begin to heal as a balm does on a wound? He is the Father to the fatherless, the husband to the widow and He will never let you down, leave or forsake you! Cry out to Him right now, something just like this:

Father in heaven, I am longing to have this hole in my heart be healed. I have looked for love in all the wrong places and have paid dearly for my poor choices.  I am so tired of running from one thing to another as I look for whatever it takes to keep the pain from overwhelming me.  There are times when I just want my life to end, finished.  As I look up to You, will you receive me just as I am and forgive me for doing my own thing as I searched for something to bring me happiness?  Forgive me for the mess I have made of my life and help me to have a clean, new beginning with You.  Thank you that by Your Son Jesus, I can come to You and You will hear me and answer and You won’t turn away from but will welcome me into Your family.  I look forward to the plan that You have had for me since I was being formed in my mother’s womb and I am going to trust You to be my guide as I learn to love and live for You.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Friend, you will never regret making this new beginning. Welcome to the family of God, you are now a child of the Most High God! If you made the decision to receive the free gift of salvation will you let someone know? This is truly a reason to celebrate, for your life will never be the same!

Author: Kimberly Dawn, CCF Contributor / All Rights Reserved

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