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#5 Around the World – Come Home

Posted by Cinda On March - 17 - 2013

apple_eyeISRAEL IS…
a land set apart from all other land on the face of the earth of which Jehovah said “The land, more over is Mine.” (Lev. 25:23)

God had instructed one man, Abram, from the seed of Noah through his son, Shem, that he was to leave one place and go to another. This was the calling out of one nation, the Hebrews, from out of all the rest of the nations. Why did God do this? He said it was “to make their name great” and that they “shall be a blessing.” (Genesis 12:1-2)

How He does this and why, is what we will focus on in order to give us sure footing as we move ahead in our challenge this year. We are seeking to better understand God’s word and His redemptive plan for all mankind through one group of people, later known as God’s chosen people, the Jews and why they are called “The apple of God’s eye”.

Again, we pray, our prayer from the previous time together “Let us fear the LORD, trust in His name, and rely on His salvation. Oh, Israel, oh, Jacob, oh nations return to the LORD, (come home), come to His light and be saved as was God’s plan from ages past. Amen.”

Author: Peg / CCF Contributor All Rights Reserved
Remember to “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!” Psalm 122:6

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