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#2 Around the World – Come Home

Posted by Cinda On April - 16 - 2013

In order to “come home”, we must admit that we have been away, sometimes wandering aimlessly, sometimes purposefully, but nevertheless, we must look back for the sake of looking forward.

gpsWhere is “home”? Most people today know the function of a GPS (Global Positioning System). If you want to go to your destination, you feed the information into a modern piece of technology and it gives you data that will chart your course. You don’t have to follow it, but if you trust it, you will.

Let me suggest that God has His own “Positioning System”. It’s from of old, it’s trustworthy and if we choose, we can follow it. You may ask “How can I be sure it’s trustworthy?” Just try it. If you haven’t read the directions and asked the Author to reveal Himself to you while you read it, then do it now. Just ask Him. Plug it in, as you would your cell phone, your battery charger, your GPS, (name anything out there on today’s market) and admit that not all of us knows HOW it works, but it does and you choose to use it.

So, come, journey with us as we set our course to go back “home” to see where we came from and whose we are. “Make our path clear, oh God, that we might see that salvation has come out of Zion through Jesus, Your Son. Amen.”

Remember to “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!” Psalm 122:6

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