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God in the Darkness

Posted by Cinda On April - 29 - 2013

walkingcoupleFor many years, I have counseled others in the dark to remember what God told them in the light. I forgot, a long time ago, where that thought originated but it seemed to sum up well my philosophy about trouble: be prepared and be faithful.

In 2008, I had reason to put that advice into practice. My big, strong husband who was seldom sick with even a common cold, spent a year battling colon cancer. There’s nothing like the word “cancer” to keep a person awake nights, and this one was persistent, returning just two months after surgery. I had to face all the “what-ifs” and “what-fors” of a complicated treatment schedule and uncertain outcome. But here is where my preparation made a significant difference.

Knowing how to draw on God’s Word, gave me the strength and hope I needed. Verse after verse poured balm on my soul, verses such as Psalm 10:17 “You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them and you listen to their cry.” And Psalm 94:19, “When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.”

Through it all, I determined to remain faithful to my commitment to trust and obey God no matter what, just as Jesus did when He said, “Shall I not drink the cup which my Father has given me?” How could I do less? If we believe God loves us, we can trust Him in the dark just as readily as in the light. We only have to make the choice, and His grace sustains and blesses us.

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