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How Do You Spell Relief?

Posted by Cinda On May - 13 - 2013

acid_relieverDo you remember that commercial about Rolaids? How do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S! Evidently the product Rolaids worked for the problem of indigestion. It brought relief from the symptoms of that condition. How about the condition our lives can be in sometimes. At times living here on this Earth, beautiful and wonderful though it is, can throw us for a loop. How do we spell relief? Some spell it “give me a D-R-I-N-K” others may spell it D-R-U-G-S. Some may think that as long as they continually surround themselves with friends, they will be OK. Others take the opposite approach and escape (literally) from everyone and everything. (My son calls that “hermitizing”.)

Now, know that I am not condemning the use of medicines or the fellowship of friends, or even getting off by yourself for some “alone time”. What I am saying is that the ultimate relief for any of life’s problems is not something that we can conjure up and do. I spell relief J-E-S-U-S. Jesus himself tells us that He is our relief. (Matthew 11:28-30) He is our relief in several ways. First, He died in our place, taking the punishment that rightfully should have fallen on us for our failure to attain the mark of obedience and sinless perfection. He provides relief from eternal separation from our loving God and Father. Secondly, Jesus living within us provides us with daily advice and comfort in our encounters of everyday life.

Comfort is a funny thing, however. Having children, you can learn something about comforting. Sometimes your child knows he needs comfort. He knows that if he can just reach the folds of mother’s skirts or daddy’s pant leg, and bury his face in it, he will be alright. Things will be better. If things are too overwhelming, he can press his head into mother or father, and even though he is scared to death, everything will be alright in their embrace. But on some occasions, that hurting child is too angry or too embarrassed or hurt or proud to accept the comfort of his parent. Mom reaches out to console and soothe, but the child turns his shoulder to sulk alone in misery, saying, “Leave me alone,” or “I’m alright.” But he isn’t… and the hurt deepens. I’ve been on that side of the shoulder too, and I do not know who hurts more, the child who is devastated or the parent whose comfort is rejected. Oh, the parent hurts a little for himself and the rejection, but he hurts for his child who will not accept help in his suffering. It hurts God’s heart to see His precious child in turmoil and pain turn away from the comfort and safety of His mighty arms. Those hard times call for us to grip His awesome hand tighter and press closer to his mighty, yet soothing presence.

Has God been reaching to you in your pain, but you have been saying, “Go away, I’m alright.” Have the circumstances He has allowed to try to draw you closer to Him caused you to be angry with Him, too embarrassed to confide in Him, or questioning His ability or desire to help you?

contemplation1If you are hurting, come out of your sulking corner and let Him help. Show Him your wound and let Him kiss it and make it better. Let Him put His healing balm on your wound and bandage it with his love. Some hurts are deep and require stitches. But, guess what? He can do that too! He is great at taking broken things and putting them back together. Just look in the Gospels for incident after incident of Jesus taking impossible situations, broken lives, dead people (not just physically), and fixing them. He is great at stitching wounds without leaving scars. Run to Him with your pain and tears! Run to Him! Run into the hiding place and realize His immense and intense love for you!! Discover how to spell relief – J-E-S-U-S!

Author: Ann / CCF Contributor
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