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Encouragement for the Downtrodden

Posted by Cinda On May - 21 - 2013


Let me tell you how the Creator of the Universe sees you.
You are like a beautifully transparent and delicate little flower.
The Master planted this little flower in a certain spot,
intending that it should bloom and flourish.
Instead, it has been trampled on and ground into the dirt.
The Master Gardener has noticed that the beauty and purpose
for which He created you is not being fulfilled.
You may be wondering where He is.
He has not passed you by, nor has the abuse you have received gone unnoticed.
He bends down to touch you and to restore life to you.
He digs in the dirt that surrounds you and firms up the soil
making sure your damaged roots will get the nourishment they need to
and strengthen you for the new life His touch longs to bring.
His hands gently smooth the soil around you as He takes the face of this little flower
and turns it towards His and smiles and says
“Peace. Be still. I’m here.
I’ve loved you from the day I formed you.
I was there.
I watched you from afar,
knowing one day you would call me to your side
and I could show you how much I love you.
No one can take my place and no one will.
I have loved you with an everlasting love
and I throw my banner over you because you have asked Me to.
You are safe with Me.
I will never leave you nor forsake you.
I am yours and you are Mine.
Walk with Me.
Talk with Me often
and you will experience the peace that only I can give you
and for which you have hungered for so long.
I am Sufficient for you for I AM God, the Holy One of Israel.”
Therefore, on this day know that He smiles on you,
His little flower,
His beloved Creature
and He has only strengthened you through the washing of the rain and snow in your life.
You have a destiny which,
when you give yourself to Him completely and don’t look back,
He is waiting to fulfill.
Trust Him.

Author: Peg / CCF Contributor
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