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Bird Talk

Posted by Cinda On June - 10 - 2013

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you,
or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you…” Job 12:7

loggingI come from a long line of loggers. Although they made their living cutting trees and selling them to be ground into paper products, I simply like dead branches trimmed so they look symmetrical, not hanging every which way and creating difficulty when mowing the grass.  So, upon completing my iced tea and procrastination; I grabbed my pruning saw and headed for my lilac bush. That limb simply had to conform even if it was all that was left of grandmother’s landscaping.   No sooner had I grabbed the targeted branch with one hand and positioned the saw with the other, when two birds flew out of the bush screeching and fluttering wildly, totally distracting me. Mother robin was hysterical. Perching on the roof of a near by shed she scolded me away from her little ones who were safely tucked away in a nest that had been invisible just minutes earlier. Smitten with every fiber of my being, I relented, quickly retreating to the shed to hang up my weapon. How I admired the tenacity of that mother!

bird_nestPouring another glass of iced tea, so I could ponder that encounter, I reflected on my own “nest” and the little ones that had been under my protection at one time. How I wished I would have done more squawking in order to expose the negative culture and its harmful influence. I should have given the “enemy” no rest.

Upon confession of my own shortcomings, I marveled at an amazing Creator who had built such keen instinct into this little feathered creature. I prayed for parents today to guard steadfastly their little ones from anything that would threaten them or steal them away from knowing Him. Oh, and you know what else? The term “bird brain” took on new meaning!

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