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Light Your Lamp

Posted by Cinda On June - 12 - 2013

newspapersAre you concerned about global news? Even if we hide from global news, there is enough in our local newspaper to realize that something has happened in our world to displace love.

Do not be concerned. God sent word by His prophets, millennia ago, and now speaks through His Son, Jesus Christ, that we are not to be anxious about tomorrow. However, that does not mean we settle down in some corner of our world, face the wall and hope the world will go by as we eat plum pudding.

What does it mean for the Christian, the follower of Jesus, the Son of the living God? Jesus told us that our surroundings would get darker and darker, but that our flame of light was to get brighter when that happened. (John 8:12) Trust will rise above falsehood. Righteousness will rise above evil. Justice will prevail in His kingdom and of such, we are.

Therefore, trim your wick, O Church! Add your oil to the fill line and turn up your passion for Jesus Christ. If you don’t have passion, repent. Ask Him to give You HIS passion for a lost and hurting world. Then shine Your light – His truth into this dark world. Make a difference!

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