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Praying for Israel is Critical

Posted by Cinda On June - 17 - 2013

israeliflagThe urgency to pray for Israel is great and the time to press in with God for His beloved people and land is now!

Zechariah 12 warns of a time when God will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling to all the nations. Zechariah 14 tells us that God will gather the nations to fight against Jerusalem. So what are we to do if God is taking this action?  We are to stand with, pray for, and bless in every way possible His people Israel. We are admonished in Isaiah 62:7 to give God no rest until He makes Jerusalem the praise of the earth. Scripture is very clear what our position is to be. This is not a time for little arrow prayers. This is a time for fasting and intercession to battle in the heavenly places for God’s purposes to be fulfilled here on earth.

Recently the US government has been outraged because Israel chose to build in Jerusalem. Our government needs to be reminded that Israel is a sovereign nation and has every right to build in its capital. Letters to the state department, our senators and congressmen are important at this time.  Please let them know that you wish the US to stand with Israel who has always been a friend and strong ally to America. America is on a course of destruction if she does not stop pressuring Israel to divide its land. Joel 3 warns us of judgment against those nations that cause God’s people to divide HIS land.

Gathering small groups together with the purpose of praying for Israel, individual prayer, and forming prayer groups at your church are wonderful ways to encourage others to join you in praying for God’s purposes in His land and for His people. We need to become proactive in blessing Israel.  I suggest we all pray Isaiah 40 and ask The Lord to show us how to comfort His people. He will lead and we will obey. Dear sisters, our God will hear. PLEASE, PLEASE pray and NOW!

Suggestions for praying for Israel:

1. Pray for the salvation of the Jews. Romans 10:1

2. Cry out to God for that day when His people will say “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” Matthew 23:37-39

3. Pray for unity among the believers in Israel.

4. Pray for Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) that he would have Godly wisdom and the strength and courage to stand up to the pressures of the US, EU, UN, and Russia. Also, pray he will know how to respond to Iran.

5. Pray that the time for God to have favor on Zion would be now. Psalm 102:13-22

6. Pray that God would make us watchmen on the walls for Jerusalem.

7. Pray that God would raise up voices within the church who would speak of His love and faithfulness to His covenant people Israel.

8. Pray for those believers who are working in the name of Jesus in the land.

9. Pray daily and always for the peace of Jerusalem and the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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