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My Journey

Posted by Cinda On June - 26 - 2013

Remember the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts? Some of the gals in our family went and saw it. It was a good movie and the places she visited were fascinating. However, upon leaving the theater, I had the emptiest feeling and was actually sad for Julia Robert’s character. She believed to have found love and peace in the end, but to me, she found very little and was even misdirected. What she found was temporal and fleeting. And what saddened me even more was wondering how many other women might attempt the same journey, trying to find meaning and purpose in their own lives but in all the wrong places. The ultimate destination doesn’t come through traveling around the world, or experimenting with different religions, or eating your way to happiness. Lasting peace and contentment can only come in seeking the One who is LIFE, Himself …  the person of Jesus Christ. John 14:6

luggage3I’m embarking on a journey of my own. I won’t be going to Italy, India, or Indonesia (although I wouldn’t mind visiting these places). Instead, it’s a journey toward the abundant life that Jesus promises in the Bible. Romans 5:17; John 6:51 and John 10:10. Spiritual? Absolutely. Balanced and joy-filled? Definitely. Drawing out the best of this world, yet, not be “in it”? I hope. My ultimate desire is to know, really know, the character of Jesus Christ and to know the fullness of Mark 12:30-31. I want to know what it is to live a life of simplicity so I can be free of “things”, to realize joy and laughter in everyday living, practice a healthy lifestyle that honors God, and SO MUCH more.

So my pray is that God would protect me along the way and bless me as I go. And in the process of discovery, I hope I can encourage others along the way. Journeys are not always easy, but are necessary if we want to take hold of what God has called us to, and ultimately, the prize that awaits us. Philippians 3:14; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.  Eat? Pray? Love? Oh, yes! But I’m going to do it God’s Way!!

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