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My Joy and Delight

Posted by Cinda On June - 26 - 2013

Holiness is being so happy in God that sin loses all appeal. – Unknown

Rachel ElizabethRachel squeals with laughter as I run my fingers along her ribs. Her eyes scrunch into half-moons of delight and her cheeks flush pink as we play on the floor. Never in my life have I seen such an exquisitely happy creature. As I kiss her neck and listen to her chortle I wonder: is this what Jesus meant when he said that we must receive God like a little child?

I rock back on my heels for a moment and let this thought sink in. If the presence of the Lord is my greatest delight and His love the answer to my deepest longings then in theory I should never sin. I shouldn’t even be tempted to stray from His ways. Why then do I fail? I glance back at my baby girl who is waiting with great anticipation for me to pounce on her again, and it dawns on me. I stray when I forget that I am always in His presence, when I fail to let Him satisfy my needs, when I seek my joy in a temporal thing instead of Eternal God. I fail when I treat my relationship with the Lord like another item on my “to do” list instead a passionate relationship with my greatest Love.

As I kiss the bottom of Rachel’s feet my heart sings a song of praise to God for renewing the joy of a child in me.

Father God, help me to find delight in You today. Open my eyes to see Your wonder and Your beauty and Your power in the world around me. I know that sometimes I let my relationship with You grow stale, and I’m sorry. Please renew my passion for You today, and help me to love you with the simplicity of a little child. I love you.

Author: Kirsten / CCF Contributor
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