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Not Old – Just Older!

Posted by Cinda On July - 11 - 2012

friendship4Don’t say you’re old,
just older It happens every day…
And all of us keep equal pace
No matter what we say.

Each twenty-four hour period
Takes us farther into life,
Some days are bright and sunny
Still others filled with strife.

Does life begin at forty?
Or are we halfway through?
God holds the key to our last days
Maybe many, maybe few.

So who can say just how or when
We’re really getting old?
Could it just be a state of mind?
Or are we merely being told?

OLDER! I really like that word.
Years give more time to grow.
So while the hours are ticking by,
I’ll find more seeds to sow!

Author: Elsie / CCF Contributor
All Rights Reserved @

Editor’s Note: WOW! I love this thought that with each and every hour that ticks by, we have opportunities to sow more seeds for God’s Kingdom. And, when we waste our time, we have lost precious opportunities to invest into God’s Kingdom! Let your conscience (heart / Holy Spirit) lead you. Not everything we do seems productive, but remember, we live under grace, not legalism. The danger comes when we waste our time on those things that have become our idols (watching TV or playing video games or other similar activities) and are not engaging in (or investing in) those things that fulfill Mark 12:30-31.

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