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Busy or Out-of-Control!

Posted by Cinda On January - 12 - 2006

babyandmomWhat’s all the hype about being busy? Honestly! Sometimes I think we wear it like a badge of honor. I’ve been guilty of it myself before but looking back on it all, I ask, “What was I trying to achieve?” Did saying “I’m busy” make me feel more important or more valued by others? Was I esteemed more? Who was I trying to impress? Was my worth tied up in my doing or in my “being”? And, if I really was busy, did I ever stop to think who might be getting hurt in the process? Family? Friends? Co-workers? How about my relationship with God?

I am convinced that God is not impressed with our busyness – even when we’re “busy” for Him. Of course, there will be seasons of busyness, but when it’s an on-going lifestyle, then there could be serious cause for concern!  Many could even say that Jesus was busy  (crowds closing in on him or tending to the endless needs of His disciples), but even He escaped to the mountains for regular times of refreshment with His Father. No doubt about it, some of us are placed into positions where there is a lot of great responsibility. But it’s in these situations that we need to really examine our motives, our intent, ask ourselves the above questions, and then learn how to guard our private time while implementing the tools that will enable us to handle that responsibility without causing us to burn-out (delegating, being spiritually strong, etc.)

sitting_with_coffeeThere are three things I’ve learned over the years that have become my standard and way of life. 1) Time management is not a matter of managing time, but managing ME! 2) Just because I’m doing something “for God” doesn’t mean He necessarily called me to it. When God calls us to something, we will be doing it in the Spirit, not in the flesh. When we do things in the flesh, we are doing it in our own power and strength, not His. The results can be disastrous! and 3) In EVERYTHING we do, we should ask ourselves, “Does this glorify God?”, “Does it have eternal value?” “Does it benefit not only me, but also the ones I love and care about, or work with?” “Does this fit in with my priorities?” and “Is there balance in my life between work, play, service to others, and most importantly, allowing Christ to have preeminence in my life, beginning with prayer and spending time in His word?” Let these be your compass. Everything else pales in comparison.

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