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computer_galCoffee Cup Friends is now an Online Reading Room, full of inspiring articles that were written by an incredible team of CCF Contributors (all established, often published) writers. Each shared a wealth of insight into the very heart of God and occasionally interjects humor to lighten the heavy loads we often carry.  Their articles can be found by clicking on “categories” (left column) and then on each contributor’s name. Coffee Cup Friends is no longer in an active state but we stay online to provide a stimulating line-up of outstanding writing. For a better understanding of how we started and finished, read “A Special Word to our Friends” on the front page. It was an amazing trip!

Israel in Focus is written by Peg, one of our valued CCF contributors.  Peg writes, “O Lord, Your Word reveals that Israel is ‘the  apple of Your eye.’ Counsel me when I  ask “why?” Show me, that our  hearts might beat as one. Move me, that Your  will on earth be done. O Lord, be Thou my  vision.” You will find many inspiring articles on Israel, her land, and people on this website as it is so apropos for the times we live in.

When Coffee Cup Friends was active, we had a CCF Prayer Center and a most amazing team that stood ready to storm the gates of Heaven on behalf of our readers. They saw over and over again the power of the Holy Spirit at work in people’s lives in response to prayer. Quite often our team of contributors came alongside our prayer team to also lift up the needs of our CCF friends before the Throne of Grace. Together, they moved the hand of God! We were so blessed with such an incredible team! CLICK ON “MEET OUR TEAM” to see the women who graced this ministry.


praise2COFFEE CUP FRIENDS is timeless as a Christian-based, non-denominational ministry that adheres to the timeless Truths put forth in God’s Word. We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and it is through Him, and Him alone, that we can realize eternal salvation John 14:6 and have a vibrant, growing relationship with God, the Father. Coffee Cup Friends existed (and continues to exist) because of God’s favor and our belief in Jesus.

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