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Emotional Meltdown

posted by Cinda On November - 7 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

It was a day wrapped in disappointment! I am most thankful that I don’t have many days like that. But not today…this was a dreary, gloomy (sensing winter’s approach) day of emotional let downs. Two of my friends recently lost their loved ones and my heart was heavy for them at their loss of mom […]

Not Old – Just Older!

posted by Cinda On July - 11 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Don’t say you’re old, just older It happens every day… And all of us keep equal pace No matter what we say. Each twenty-four hour period Takes us farther into life, Some days are bright and sunny Still others filled with strife. Does life begin at forty? Or are we halfway through? God holds the […]

Finishing Well – Goals on Purpose

posted by Cinda On September - 9 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

When watching the Olympics, we observe the deep commitment of each participant. Their performances are beyond what most of us could even think possible. Repetition of the coaches’ detailed instructions is upper most in their minds. Their aim? To finish well. To win the prize! We are also aware that each participant has a coach […]

The Tree – My Tree!

posted by Cinda On October - 9 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

The storm was severe. The force of the wind was wrenching the tall trees. I watched THE TREE- MY TREE from my easy chair at my window, just inside the Retirement Village entrance where I live. I asked God to keep it from blowing down. “Please Keep it, I asked.” Then I saw a huge […]

Chambers Penned It

posted by Cinda On August - 12 - 2006ADD COMMENTS

“It is one thing to go through a crisis grandly, but another thing to go through every day glorifying God when there is no witness, no limelight, no one paying the remotest attention to us. It takes God’s Spirit in us to make us so absolutely humanly His, that we are utterly unnoticeable.” Oswald Chambers

Busy or Out-of-Control!

posted by Cinda On January - 12 - 2006ADD COMMENTS

What’s all the hype about being busy? Honestly! Sometimes I think we wear it like a badge of honor. I’ve been guilty of it myself before but looking back on it all, I ask, “What was I trying to achieve?” Did saying “I’m busy” make me feel more important or more valued by others? Was I esteemed more? Who was I trying to […]

A Prayer of Gratitude

posted by Cinda On June - 6 - 2005ADD COMMENTS

“Father God, it’s my prayer that all who read this will be transformed by Your Spirit and encouraged to live a more balanced, joy-filled life; one that truly honors and glorifies You. I pray that all of us (me included) will be challenged to live beyond mediocrity and learn the fullness of Mark 12:30-31 in our lives.  And, I pray that as we journey together, others will want […]

How Great Thou Art

posted by Cinda On May - 25 - 2005ADD COMMENTS

(The following articles was written in 1986 when preparing to move from California to Friendship Village Retirement Center in Tempe, AZ.) At 3:00 a.m., I lay in bed thinking about our future and planned move to our new retirement sight in Tempe, Arizona. There would be many adjustments and changes in the coming months. I […]